Saturday, February 7, 2009

week1. Friday: Get Cheeky

Friday night is all about a cheeky little cocktail and a few choice canapes. Pals gather, most of them underemployed actors, and whilst they rant about new, evil tactics employed by casting agents, I busy myself making pitchers of old fashioneds, margaritas or just pouring some good wine.

This week it was just wine and cheese. A foxy bottle of Rioja. Gorgonzola drizzled in truffled honey, Aged gouda with quince paste. Some tapenade which had a clove of garlic crushed atop it and then a dollop of great olive oil (this is a great mix; use a crusty bit of bread to dip and smush the olives, garlic and oil together. Quite a delicious bite!).

We realised that we were all quite sated and cooking dinner was not neccessary. So we opened another bottle of wine and watched 'Lars and the Real Girl'.

Bring on the weekend!

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